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Top Pick Global Inc
126 W. 9th Street, Los Angeles, California, 90015
Telephone: (925) 230-0612 

We, the above-named company and its representatives, agree that all amounts payable as shown on each of Top Pick Global Inc orders will be paid via credit card or any other payment option offered by Top Pick Global. All sales orders will be paid before order release and we have business licenses necessary to sell/ resell in the states/ markets we operate in. Top Pick Global Inc agrees to sell the listed product to the listed retailer to whom this invoice is directed (“Retailer”) specifically and only on the terms and conditions in this invoice and based on Retailer’s agreement to these terms and conditions. Retailer agrees that it may resell the product only to end - user consumers through its brick-and-mortar and online retail stores under the same name and brand listed above (and not, for instance, under other names or brands); and among other things, Retailer may not resell any of the product to any third-party distributor or retailer for further resale.

I hereby authorize Top Pick Global Inc to obtain and verify any of the information contained herein or as may otherwise be necessary to process the credit application and establish my account to purchase goods for resale with Top Pick Global Inc. I further state the information contained herein to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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